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temperature controlled distribution

Same day delivery

When it absolutely, positively has to be delivered that day

We offer a rapid reaction service for those urgent deliveries which must be delivered that same day, and can have a vehicle en route within the hour, following receipt of your order via our state of the art "online booking form."

This facility is most often used for pre-booked deliveries by clients producing fresh products who need the peace of mind that their end user is guaranteed receipt of delivery.

24 Hour Back Up Service

Should you need our assistance in an emergency, we provide 24 hour emergency cover which means that any last minute orders can be safely on their way and delivered, panic over. ( See 24 Hour Back Up Service to find out more)

refrigerated delivery service

RDS provides same day chilled and frozen transport services and our modern fleet of temperature controlled vehicles are well equipped to handle anything from a single box to 26 pallets plus the size of our distribution network means that we can deliver wherever your customer requires. All our vehicles operate a satellite mapping service so you can track your order from collection to delivery.

Services at RDS

Same day deliverySame day delivery
Next Day DeliveryNext Day Delivery
24hr Backup Service24hr Backup Service
Multi-drop ServiceMulti-drop Service
Multi-temperature ServiceMulti-temperature Service

RDS have the knowledge, expertise, systems, vehicles and determination to make sure that every job gets to where it should be, on time. They form the perfect interface between us and our customers.

Stephen Chambers

Same day delivery